Pressure Sensor Recommendation

Hello Guys,

Im looking for pressure sensors to use in the beds and sofas to detect presence.

Any recommendations? I would like to have a battery operated ones and hopefully not diy solutions.

Thanks in advance for suggestions :slight_smile:

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I’d go for vibration sensors. The Xiaomi Smart Vibration sensor for example. it even gives you a bed activity index. it integrates vibrations over time, giving an indication of sleep quality.

This looks interesting… my question is how does it behave when vibration is detected?
For example if i insert it into a couch, then i sit on the couch, it will report vibration for example.
Then what happens? Will it report that vibration is off or something when i get up?

I mean how can i detect if someone is still sitting if no movement? With the pressure mat solution u can always monitor the current pressure and decide.

It will trigger an event “VIBRATION”. Repeated vibrations are sent as well. But youre right, there is no active measure to detect if nobody is there. So you can only guess by how long there was no vibration. If you want to sense immediately if somebody went off the couch you cannot do that with vibration sensors.