Prettier RRD graphs

any way to smooth out the RRD graphs? pretty them up a bit?

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+1 - I have been running InfluxDB + Grafana for over a year now - good integration with openHAB via the InfluxDB persistence bundle, and Grafana is a great tool for visualising things. Continuously improving as well.

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Anyone want to volunteer to post a quick and dirty step by step guide to get the charts generated and made part of the sitemap?

I can maybe spend an hour on it later today (not guaranteed) but someone who actually has it working might get something out sooner.

This is much requested and I’d love to be able to just link to a posting saying how to do it rather than just waving my hands.

As said in the other thread, I totally agree with what you are suggesting here and will get one ready as soon as possible! :wink: @p0lar if you need help right now, I can quickly provide you with an unpolished guide.

SURE send me unpolished and ill test.

@p0lar I got an unfinished version ready, including installing, configuring and connecting everything. What’s still missing are a few recommendations on how to best configure diagrams and how to get them back into your sitemap. I hope it’s useful.

@ben_jones12 If you can add anything, please let me know! Would be a big help.

Just for clarification, I don’t have any charting in my OH sitemaps, I leave that to the Grafana front end. In fact now I have all my monitoring handled by icinga2 I am opening my sitemaps less and less.

So in terms of OH configuration it is literally;

  1. Add and configure influxdb persistence addon
  2. Configure items to be charted with influxdb persistence

There are quite a few guides out there for how to setup Influxdb with Grafana so not sure it needs to be replicated again here?

Agreed. A lot of people are looking to have prettier graphs inside OH sitemaps themselves and that is the part that it would be great to have documented, with a high level set of instructions or pointers to instructions on how to do the Influx/Grafana part.

I know for me personally I’d prefer to have my graphs and my controls in one place rather than look at this page for control and this other page for analysis. Since I use my sitemap for debugging it is easier for me to have it all in one place and it doesn’t matter if I clutter my sitemap up with fun but ultimately not important information like a graph of the room temperature for year to date.

Agreed. That’s why I constantly linked documentations and tutorials and only mention the important steps needed by an openHAB user to get his/her data into Grafana. Legwork, sure - but it’s important to pick the user up at the beginning, before you can amaze them with what Grafana has to offer.

Yeah I have only a few of them in mine as well. I thought it’s important to emphasize, that it is possible to have the diagrams back in your sitemap, otherwise the connection to openHAB as a complete solution is not visible and an enduser might be riddled by that.

Yep - valid points guys - and great work on your guide @ThomDietrich. I actually just updated my config slightly based on your ideas, by adding a read-only user for grafana in my InfluxDB database - so thanks for that!

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