Preview and Beta: Amazon Echo Control

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It may not be the latest jar. I’m also seeing in on 2.5.7.

It stopped the binding working today for a time.

Thanks for the feedback.
I will fix it as soon as possible.
But it should not affect the Binding in any way.


I’ve installed the lastest version of Amazon Echo Control binding mentioned here:

221 x Active   x  80 x      x openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: Amazon Echo Control Binding

Still, I cannot sign in via http://openhabianpi:8080/amazonechocontrol/<accountname>/ap/signin. I’m getting

There was a problem
Enter a valid email or mobile number

I’ve used a “clean” browser where I’ve never logged in there, as well, but no change.

Can anybody help me out with this?

I have just had the same issue.

I removed the previous jar file from the addons folder and Amazon Account thing in paper UI
Then added the latest 2.5.8 and reset OH.

Added an Amazon Account using the inbox (make sure it has a different id)
Reset OH (might not be needed)
Signed in with two factor authentication at http://openhab:8080/amazonechocontrol/
All my Amazon devices were then found

I then updated my default.items file with the new thing id and restarted OH

Now it all works again

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@DigitalDB: Thanks for your hints!

I’ve not stored any jar files in the addons folder, I installed the 2.5.8 jar via karaf using bundle:update with the jar link provided above. Hope, that’s no important difference.

What did you do to reset openHAB? I did a reboot of the Raspberry which runs openHAB.

I’ve set up my Amazon account using a things file:

Bridge amazonechocontrol:account:accountId "Amazon Account ID" @ "Accounts"
    Thing echo                              echo1                   "Alexa1" @ "Room1"                                 [serialNumber="..."]
    Thing echo                              echo2                   "Alexa2" @ "Room2"                                 [serialNumber="..."]
    Thing echo                              echo3                   "Alexa3" @ "Room3"                                 [serialNumber="..."]
    Thing echo                              echo4                   "Alexa4" @ "Room4"                                 [serialNumber="..."]
    Thing flashbriefingprofile              flashbriefing1          "Flash Briefing Technical" @ "Flash Briefings"

Do you mean, I should simply exchange amazonechocontrol:account:accountId by amazonechocontrol:account:anotherAccountId? Or was there more to it?

Of course I can adjust my items files, as well!

But how can I sign in with 2-factor-auth? I don’t see a button or something like that there.

getting this too

Ok, running in the login issue yesterday with the forced PW change on amazon side i came here.


  • Uninstall Binding from PaperUI
  • manually Download 2.5.8 snapshot to addons folder
  • renamed Thing id
  • loggeed in successfully to amazon site again.

Hi Ceedee

I restart the OH service with
sudo systemctl restart openhab2.service
No need to restart the Pi

The things were found automatically when the Amazon Account re-connected but the id changed so I updated the items file
amazonechocontrol:echo:**Account-Id-to-change**:serial number of device

The two factor auth came up after the login http://openhab:8080/amazonechocontrol/

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The issue was giving the thing a new id. I did not even get a 2-factor-auth-dialog – the “regular” auth dialog came up. After login the connection was properly established.

The Echo things as well as the Account thing are now shown as online again and TTS works as expected!

Thank you all so much!

Hello all,
with the 2.5.7 version of the binding, i can make an annoucement to my echo spot which is showing in the display (no speaking). with 2.5.8. and 2.5.9 versions of the binding this does not work anymore…nothing happens…no error in the log…

can anybody confirm this or have an idea what has changed in the binding?

greetings ralph

Just delete your account thing and rediscover then make sure you use a new thingID - then change the gateway on your binding discovered things and your items file - done

I have been battling this same issue. I have finally got a new device ID and updated my assets to reflect that. Now when I send TTY to the echo instead of making an announcement it is receiving a message. The ring flashes yellow and you can ask for it to read the message. - This is not how it used to work. It would just announce whatever I sent it. - Anyone else having this issue?
Also, my Alexa has lost all of my devices, I think that is a separate issue but I will have to find the solution to that too.

Hi All,

Im quite new to OpenHAB ans like what I have done already.

I have added in my Amazon account and it has auto discovered 4 firesticks in my inbox.

These are in a unkown - state not found in paper UI. Im looking for a step by step guide to add one and then follow for the rest. Is there one anywhere?

Kind regards

As far as I know this binding does not handle Fire sticks as of today

Thank you, I have used the echo binding to achieve what I needed.

My Amazon Echo Control Binding suddenly stopped working.
The account thing stays in state COMMUNICATION_ERROR with additional Info
POST url '' failed: Bad Request
Anyone also faced this and has a solution ???
Was running openHAB 2.5.4 and now tried latest 2.5.9 SNAPSHOT.

EDIT: Found the solution myself by resetting the account via KARAF console.
All Things are back online again.

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I have the exact same problem

Can you please tell me what command you used?

It’s all in the binding docs :

Advanced Feature Technically Experienced Users

To resolve login problems the connection settings of an account thing can be reset via the karaf console. The command amazonechocontrol listAccounts shows a list of all available account things. The command amazonechocontrol resetAccount <id> resets the device id and all other connection settings. After resetting a connection, a new login as described above is necessary.


I was wondering, if anyone experience devices state update issues… basically all skill based devices totally stopped updating status.
I checked with trace log , and polling works correctly and includes the correct status of the device
but it doesnt update the item state



anyone can suggest quickfixes? commands or discovery work fine but it seem to be only one way communication.

Update: I have also verified that this issue doesnt happen on org.openhab.binding.amazonechocontrol_2.5.0.-2019-10-23

( offcourse I have erased cache and tmp and restarting system going between versions ) in addition the devices tested were created a new in both versions of the add-in…

Seems something is broken in new binding or incompatible…


can you please test the new version?

fixed: InterrupedException
changed: single and group queues to device queue
added: standard volume to speak request

Thank you in advance!