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Hello, I have a question, I have a gardener use the section on gardening. But I don’t want him to see information inside the house. Can I provide this I hope I could express myself. Best Regards.

How do you currently control the devices in openHAB?

I can check it normally right now. I want to give the garden items to the gardener with the new user and password. Can this be done?

Not with openHAB 2.

I know there is the concept of Admin & non-Admin users planned for OH3. I do not know if it is planned to ne extended for a purpose such as yours.

When I give the Gardener a new username and password, I want it to see and use the Section marked in red. I hope OH3 this is what we want.

OpenHAB2 has no concept of username & password. Any current solution would be outside of openHAB itself.

Maybe you can set up a seperate second entity of openhab with only the items you want your gardener to see and keep them in sync with your master installation (eg via MQTT or another way to synchronize multiple Openhab setups)

i do it that way

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You could have another sitemap for gardiner and have a keosk device locked to that page?

I do not want to use another device.

What do you need the gardener to control?

I want it to see only the red area that I have shown in the picture above and manage its items in that area.

oh ok then you can set the visibility of the parts of the sitemap you don’t want him to see. Then you can have a way to show them when you want to use them like presence detection so when you are home they are showing but when you leave they disappear.

If you have a google home you can setup and item with a pin number too

So you’re going to give him/her your phone?

If they are using their own phone, you could create a second Sitemap just for them, and prepare their phone yourself so the new Sitemap loads by default.

It’s not secure because they could try and load the original Sitemap, but there’s not many options with default openHAB 2, and presumably you trust your gardener…

Yes the gardener will have a phone.
How can I add a new sitemap. I tried it once, I was not successful.