Private key with OpenVPN

The docs specifically say that ,quote

There are many different solutions for VPN, so we cannot give any specific advice here, what to use and how to set in up

…so can one of you eminent members point me to a quick and easy guide, please, to setup a certificate based openvpn?

This is just OTT…

Naturally, i already use opvn key files but would like 2 factor authentication to my VPN.

Just thought there would be a quick way, like using pivpn to install openvpn.

I wonder if this is already “done” in pivpn?


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There is no such thing as “quick and easy” when it comes to setting up and configuring these sorts of services, and most importantly understanding them. If you think OH is hard to learn you haven’t seen anything yet. And if you want to be secure you have to understand them.

But you just said you are already using key files so you already have certificates. What more are you looking for? If you want two factor, put a password on the certificate file so the user needs a password and the decrypted certificate file (2 factors).

But, once again, you will get little to no actionable advice on this forum. You need to go to the experts.

Compared to what I know, you are the experts :wink:

TBS though, yes, i have passwords on the keys and i will be exploring your advice provided earlier ritch.
cheers :+1:

Sadly, I can claim to be an expert in computer security. But I’m no expert in OpenVPN. I used a wizard on my firewall to set it up.