Private openhab cloud (docker) configuration

After many attempts, several readings of the docs I figured out how to configure my private openhab cloud. At this point, this is my config:

openhab connector:

base url:

The cloud is running on a container and the system section of config.json is configured like this:

"system": {
    "host": "",
    "proxyHost": "",
    "port": "443",
    "protocol": "https",
    "logger" : {
        "type": "console"
    "subDomainCookies": true

Accessing from the browser, everything is working correctly. On the Android app, I have this issue:

If I setup the remote host as I can use the UI on the app, but cannot receive push notifications. If I setup as I receive notifications, but instead of the UI I see the login page on the app.

The service is running on a docker container, as described here: GitHub - openhab/openhab-cloud: Cloud companion for openHAB instances

Clearly something is missing. Any ideas?

Have a look at not-able-to-access-openhab-home-dashboard-on-custom-openhab-cloud-instance where I uploaded the configuration( including nginx settings ) that I have in use.
I haven’t tested notifications thus I cannot say if that will solve your issue.

The notifications are indeed working. The problem is a (possible) bug in the app that states they are not, but they are.