Private openhab cloud instance - server does not connect - no logging

I once again tried to setup my private openhab server but for some reason my openhab server at home will not connect to it. I can access the openhabcloud registration/user area perectly fine yet once I enter the fqdn into the paper ui i simply get a „cloud service shut down“ in my server log.

it seems that openhab is not even trying to connect to the remote cloud, taken from the nginx logs. once i re-enter the myopenhab address, openhab reconnects to it just fine.

i already setup trace logging on the cloud connector, yet there are simply no logs from it. is there anything else I can look into to troubleshoot?

my sample is up at

Not sure if that will help: you may try to use a network sniffer to check if there is traffic on port 3000 of your openhab cloud.

did not think about this option.
actually found out that it was an error due to the ssl certificate in use
working now