Private OpenHABcloud and at the same time?

Hi is there any possibility to use a private openHAB cloud and the public cloud at the same time or forward or bridge the requests somehow?
I use google home assistant (voice commands)to control OH but now I want to use IFTTT as well.
As far as I know the only option to get this working is by using a personal OHcloud server but then I will loose the google home assistant that’s why I want 2 openHAB cloud servers or something.
Building my own API in google is not an option at the moment.



I do not have a google home assistant so my reply is more from theoretical point of view.
My understanding is that is that private openHAB cloud is a private copy of That would mean that you just need to connect your google home assistant to your private openHAB cloud instance and you are done.

@Wolfgang_S is correct, the openHAB cloud is just an intermediary between openHAB and Google Assistant.

Before you go down the private-cloud route, what do you want to do with IFTTT? If you want to use IFTTT to trigger actions in openHAB, you’ll need the private cloud or one of the somewhat ugly workarounds (e.g. Tasker). However, if you only want to have openHAB trigger IFTTT actions, you can easily send commands using webhooks.

I’ll second Russ’s suggestion and use webhooks with IFTTT. If you do choose to host your own cloud instance, there relatively lengthy and complicated instructions to connect your own privately hosted openHAB Cloud server to Google Assistant are documented at

As I suspect you guess at this point, the answer to your original question is no, you can only connect to one instance of the openHAB Cloud Service.

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