Problem adding HomeKit Accessories

I’m having problems adding Items to HomeKit. I think I have done all that is required, but I might have missed some detail.

This is what I have:

What more can I check? What did I miss?


have you added tag / metadata to your item? e.g.

Color color_light_single "Color Light Single" {homekit="Lighting"}

as far as i know you can not add them via paper ui but have to use text based config for items.
maybe in the new version, openhab3, you can do it via UI, but i have not checked this

Yes, I have added it to homekit.cfg:
Switch Belysning_nedre_hall "Belysning nedre hall" {homekit="Switchable"}

homekit.cfg is wrong place. it has only global, not item related settings. you need to add it to you items configuration.
in my case it is in directory

the file can have any name but should have extensions .items

Thanks, that solved the immediate problem. Only cosmetic issue now it that it is called “Switch 1”. Nothing I have specified. Does anybody know how to get it to use the “Belysning nedre hall” that I have specified in the .items-file?

hm. actually, it should use the label, the text you have between “” for homekit. i.e. in your case

Switch Belysning_nedre_hall “Belysning nedre hall” {homekit=“Switchable”}

i would try maybe add and remove accessory again. maybe change the id. i.e. try to add this

Switch Belysning_nedre_hall_2 "Belysning nedre hall" {homekit="Switchable"}

Thanks, removing and reading did the trick!