Problem Adding New Hue Lights

Hi all,

Having a problem here that I cannot seem to solve …

I have tried to add 3 new Hue Lights today to my Items, File, but they will not appear.

The Debug file says: "Cannot Find ItemFactory for IN_Hall (which is my new location etc).

I have tried a reboot, restart, upgrade, re-started the Hue Bridge etc, but same problem keeps coming up over and over. The first set of lights are still there, and I even created a new sitemap / items file again from scratch to see if it made any difference but it did not.
As soon as I go to add the new lights to the Items File, it comes up with the same error.

Totally lost now on this one, so any ideas how to resolve this please?


Can you please paste your items file and sitemap so we can examine / troubleshoot?