Problem adding oomi light bulb

Hi chris,
I updated to the newest binding version from today and it still doesn’t change the color.
Any ideas?

Did you delete the thing and add it back? If not you will still be using the same thing definition as before.

Yes i did

Any idea how to solde the colors problem?

I’ve already updated the database, so it should be fine if you update to the latest binding as discussed previously. Make sure you are running the latest binding, then delete the thing and add it back in to pick up the updated definition.


I know this topic is a little old. But I wanted to ask what you think of the oomi RGBW zwave bulb? How are the colors, any deep blues or deep greens and how it compared to the Hue and other rgbw bulbs.

I’ see they also make a colorstrip.

I’m not pleased with this product. Was very hard to handle and the colors aren’t good enough.