Problem after reboot

I need some information to solve a problem after restarting the raspberry with OpenHab milestone version installed and updated a few days ago.
When I restart the raspberry through the SSH terminal command “sudo reboot”, I can’t connect in ssh with the terminal and it doesn’t load the web interfaces, I have to switch the raspberry OFF and ON again using the cable and then it works correctly.
What can I check?
Should I format the SD card and proceed with a new raspbian and OpenHab installation?


I believ you will need to hook up a monitor. Need to see if screen has any errors.

Short of a monitor you could try a different power supply just because.

The pi may not be shutting down all the way also. So a power cycle would fix it. The screen would show this. Possibly a log file but I don’t know which one.

Eventually you just have to wait a minute or two. If e.g. you enabled ZRAM, RPi needs to sync some 100MB to your SD card first. A console/monitor will tell.

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I did some tests.
If I shutdown the raspberry, after I switch on it, work perfectly, with a reboot command don’t work after the boot.