Problem configuring MQTT-Thing

I have openHAB 3.1.0 installed (upgraded from 2.x → 3.0 → 3.1).
I just started to look into the MQTT-binding.
The communication between the IoT-device and the MQTT-broker (installed on the same raspberry pi 4 as openHAB) works find as I can see the published data.
The problem is I can not subscribe to the topic.
I have been following this guide: Add Things - Advanced
Up until the step where I have to “Add Channel”. The “window” in the guide does not look the same as mine. Mine looks like this (after I have clicked on “Publish Trigger”):

Any suggestion on how to proceed?


Looks like you’re trying to add your channel directly to the broker Bridge Thing. This is hardly ever wanted.
Add channels to your topic Thing.

As I said, I am quite new to the MQTT-stuff.
You are correct - my mistake.
Now it looks better…