Problem Connection Bosch Smarthome Light-/ Shutter Control unit II

Hello Communitiy,

I’m an absolute beginner with Openhab 3. I am currently trying to connect my Smarthome Controller (Bosch Smarthome Light-/ Shutter Control unit II and Bosch Bridge).

I want to use the control unit for my wallswitch.

So far:

  • I connected the bridge to Openhab (Status: Online) and also the control unit (Status Online).
  • I created a channel and linked the channel to an item to turn on / off the light.

Every time, when I click on the on/off button, the control unit II (thing) shows the following error : COMMUNICATION_ERROR

Error when trying to refresh state from service PowerSwitch: State request with URL failed with status code 404 and error code ENTITY_NOT_FOUND

Has anyone an idea on how to fix this problem?

It seems that the new switches are not yet supported by the binding. I had raised request [boschshc] Support for new Shutter/Switch II · Issue #14562 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub a while ago but not seen any response yet. Though my other devices are working fine.
I think we need to wait until the new devices are picked up by the developers. Unfortunately I do not have the skills working on the code myself.


Hey Michael,

thanks for your response.
Ok, so we will wait for a solution. I hope it won’t be so long.

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