Problem creating Action

Hi. First post, but using OpenHab for a while.

I’am having problems creating Actions, alt ought I can create bindings fine. My main problems are:

  • When activating the binding, I get the following errors:
    [c.t.a.impl.AbstractClassMirror] - resource is empty: java:/Objects/org.openhab.action.openmap.internal.OpenMap

I imagine is something really stupid either in my dev setup or a simple mistake in the action definition. I don’t have maven, so I mostly did copy and paste/rename.

I also can’t add support to the actions in the OpenHab designer, even copying the add ons inside the Designer package (mac).

Any help is appreciate. This action in particular does reverse geocoding based on a lagitude/longitude. Reason is I use OpenHab inside my car with some extra plugins (gpds listening, OBD reading) and OpenHab is collecting lots of information. This action will allow to update location itens with information like current street, speed limit and etc when driving the car. :smiley:

Thanks in advance,


Very interesting! If you have some spare time please tell us more …

Sure. Right now is OpenHab running on Raspberry pi 2 with a couple of extra bindings:

  • OBD Binding: Binds to a OBD Reader connected trough Bluetooth. This plugin allow Items to be defined mapping to some car computer information, like RPM, CoolandTemp and etc.

  • GPSD Binding - Binds to a GPSD deamon over TCPIP socket. In my case a local USB GPS exposes GPS information trough the socket and I can map Itens to information like Longitude, Latitude, Speed and etc.

  • MQTT for various other sensors/information display. I also upload the car information to a IoT site for persistence and analysis. We had to add a custom MQTT persistence to make sure we don’t loose information when the MQTT server is down. Arduino running MQTT publishes information like acceleration, temperature and etc.

Thats pretty much it.

This is being used in a project to map the car multiple parameters and do further studies down the line (like polution, fuel consumption, performance and etc) for academic papers/work. Additional sensors will be added to the car over the next months and we should start monitoring it in real time in early 2016.

Since we will have displays to show some of the information in real-time in the car, I also plan on doing some extra cool stuff like this action, that would show current street (based on the Location Itens) and get max speed and radar location from the cloud. Than a rule could be used to set an alarm whenever current speed > allowed speed for example. This kind of stuff.

I made a fork of the OpenHab code and plan on uploading everything we did so far. But we have some clean up to do first. Also, not too familiar with github so I’am a little afraid of uploading too much junk.

Wow, I’m impressed.
There are so many things which you can do with this software and the right hardware … maybe I order the bluetooth adapter right away :smiley:

Hi @JoeCob ,

That sounds awesome! I don’t suppose you would be willing/interested in sharing your OBD and/or GPSD bindings would you? I’m sure there would be quite a lot of interest in learning from them or developing them further.