Problem displaying KNX Data in Basic UI

I am on 2.5 using openhabian

In order to integrate my new Daikin Altherma 3 HT into openhab I had to buy a Zennio Klic DA Interface.
This interface works (I was the beta tester for Zennio) and connects the heatpump zo KNX.
Unfortunately the existing Daikin binding does not support my heatpump.

Now I have a problem displaying the temperature data that I get in Basic UI.
I had several different temperature sending devices in KNX and had no problem displaying them in BasicUI. The log shows that the data is transfered:

2022-12-22 11:30:28.623 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item ‘flowtemperature’ received command 58.68

In my items file
Number flowtemperature “Vorlauftemperatur [%.1f °C]” (GF_Boiler, gHeating) {knx=“3/1/8”}
in my sitemap
Default item=flowtemperature label=“HZ Vorlauftemperatur”
No data appears in the BasicUI

Where is my mistake ?

You are on openHAB 2.5, if I recall it correctly the “channel” syntax for the link of an item to the channel of a thing was used starting in version 2. Your item is using the older syntax for that ( "knx…). Please check your thing on PaperUI in order to get the correct link syntax.

You would not normally want commands from sensors, review your config. I don’t even know where you find KNX 1.x docs these days.

github still has it:

but: I recommend switching to KNX2 at least or making the jump to 3.4 in the holidays! :wink:

either way: I don’t see a problem, if the item gets the temperature (the “command”-part is confusing, yes).
Is it truly:

  • correct thing definition?
  • correct item definition?
  • correct sitemap?

commands are not states.
BasicUI displays only states.
To see the effect of a command in the UI, either some binding must issue a state update; or, autoupdate must apply a prediction to state.
Autoupdate will not apply predictions where misconfigured channels exist.

So its back to check config.

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all right. I forget that everytime. :smiling_face:

Just my two cents:

As of knx1, all messages from the bus where recognized as commands. As openHAB does an autoUpdate, this did not result in problems (at least in question of state updates).

But as said, knx2 is available since OH2.3 (officially) and knx1 tends to mess up the openHAB 2 system, so it’s really the best option to get rid of this ancient binding.

Thank you all for your helpful comments. As I am planning to upgrade the binding anyway, I will use this event to finally do it. I will report back here when it is done.