Problem during installation of UI´s

I´m trying to install OpenHab in a raspberry 3, all is fine but when I access to the web page " ip address:8080", I choose the “Expert” IU in this part it blocks, there during installation, can be hours and never ends

I found this errors in the log viewer.

and this is the java version i have.

All I can recommend is using a different Java version. From the docs in reference to OpenJDK:

Performance issues on ARM platforms, compatibility issues with certain bindings and certificates

Since the error is talking about certs…

How can I change the the Java version?

You don’t say what OS you are running on.

The installation docs have instructions for Ubuntu, Mint and Debian. If you are on a Raspberry Pi you can probably follow the Debian instructions.

I downloaded from here:

The OS is rasbian, but in this link openhab comes allready installed