Problem getting openHAB to run on QNAP NAS

I have installed openHAB 2.0.0-1 on a QNAP TS-212 NAS with firmware build 4.2.4 20170313. I followed the instructions and installed JRE_ARM 8.65.0 from the QNAP AppCenter first, but the openHAB web interface never loads. When I SSH onto the NAS and try to start openHAB manually I get the following -

/share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/openHAB/distribution$ ./
Launching the openHAB runtime...
/share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/openHAB/distribution/runtime/bin/setenv: line 165: type: java: not found
/share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/openHAB/distribution/runtime/bin/setenv: line 168: die: command not found
/share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/openHAB/distribution/runtime/bin/setenv: line 181: [: : integer expression expected
karaf: KARAF_ETC is not valid: /share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/openHAB/distribution/userdata/etc

Any advice?

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Me to, QNap TS-412 Installed openHAB with JRE_ARM 8.65.0 installed first.
No matter how I try the browser will NOT open / start.
hit the web and see what people say… found that instructions to create share folder called openHAB2 to be incorrect.
Needed to change this and leave off the 2, created a new share folder and installed openHAB again. checked the folder and found a lot of files. Try opening in web page again, fail.

I have spent 2 hrs last night, another 2 hrs tonight reading, learning how to use “linux” commands via puTTy to NO avail.
I have come to the point where I now understand why normal (most) people do not use Linux. it sucks.

I am at the point where I feel that the Java is not the right version but how to install the latest is just a very frustrating step too far. Really, if this product is to succeed, then it must be click here and its is all taken care of.
found after much reading as to what type of OS i have running on my nas eg its a 32 bit ARM Marvell (but why should I have to do all this “s”) … deep breath, found jdk-8u144-linux-arm32-vfp-hflt.tar.gz which I believe is the correct version for the processor, download, copy from windows pc to nas > download > java folder.

Found some instructions on how to “install” this file,
look to find out how to copy a file in linux “cp” is the command but where is above file located. no idea.
It will take me another night of searching around to find the file, to then find the instructions on how to install it again, to then actually install it, oh I forgot, I have to uninstall the first version 8.65.0 as it will not just update itself, and then restart the nas box (did that last night with no change) and see where I am at then.

Windows, download package, install it, run it.

My though was to install this package onto my nas as it is always on, thereby not having to run yet another piece of equipment. Seriously, this process is a nighmare. Its 2017, it should just work. Rant over.

I get your frustration but can’t refrain from adding my 50 cents:

The issue / problems from my perspective is not down to Linux. I live in both worlds, or rather 3 counting in MacOS. Running openHAB on “real” Linux is not a much worse deal than on Windows.

The problem is rather down to QNAP and QTS. You always have to bear in mind this is a NAS, not a swiss army knife. Official packages are fine but openHAB is just a port from a 3rd party.

I am of the opinion that the packager did a good job in porting but even him can’t work around all possible issues coming with QTS.

Long story short: I gave up and went back to a virtual machine (Hyper-V by the way) running Ubuntu. Dedicated to openHAB and able to cope with the need of RAM and CPU not slowing down the QNAP which can now do what it is supposed to do: Serving files :slight_smile: (Plus one or the other gimmick like sync and surveillance station)

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I’ve also come to the conclusion that the issue is down to QNAP, not openHAB. I have 2 almost-identical TS-212 devices - same firmware version, same model hard drives, same services enabled, but running different applications.

After struggling for about a week to get openHAB running on one of them I switched over to the other. Worked first time. My guess would be that it’s one of the other applications you’re running on your NAS that’s interfering with it.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Its pleasing to know that someone is listening.
For me, I think for now I will be giving up on this task. May revisit it later but for now its just two frustrating.
Thanks again.