Problem getting XML/String via http thing

Hi there,

i’ve been on a problem for some days now:
My ETA heating System is accessible via Rest API.
The numeric Values are no problem. I can get pressure values, temperature values etc like this:

  - id: ETA_Temp_Kollektor
    channelTypeUID: http:number
    label: ETA Temperatur Solarkollektor
    description: null
      stateExtension: user/var/120/10221/0/11139/0
      stateTransformation: XSLT:eta_numeric.xsl

XSLT-File is something i found on the web. It divides value/scalefactor and returns. Works good.

Now i’ve got a big problem getting back strValue. Since i want to pass through some messages directly, i’d prefer the strValue Argument from the XLS-Attribute. For example this one:

<eta xmlns="" version="1.0">
<value uri="/user/var/120/10221/0/0/19391" strValue="Kollektortemperatur ist zu niedrig" unit="" decPlaces="0" scaleFactor="1" advTextOffset="4160">4163</value>

Tried around a lot with XPATH, didn’t get anything to work (even if i think i was near to it).
Now it thought: If i don’t put any transformation on it, i should get the whole XML answer or at least some part of it. But the Channel and the item stay “UNDEF”.

  - id: ETA_Solarpumpe_Zustand
    channelTypeUID: http:string
    label: ETA Solarpumpe Zustand
    description: null
      stateExtension: user/var/120/10221/0/0/19391

Slowly getting crazy about it. Have a long thread in german board with lots of help from udo1toni:
german thread