Problem implementing a new binding

I’m new in opnehab and I would like to implement X10 funcionality in openhab. I have downloaded the files from the repository and when I open it with eclipse appears a lot of errors and warning. Could anybody help me?

You need to provide WAY more information about what you have done, what you have downloaded, what you are looking at in Eclipse, what version of OH are you using, etc.

Without any information all we can do is point you at the docs.


X10 Binding:

Note: X10 only works with CM15A RF, CM15A PL, and CM19A RF controllers.

Hi Rich, thanks for the answer.

I’m using Windows. I have installed openhab demo and I run it. Openhab demo run correctly I have installed maven and jre and jdk 1.8.1. I downloaded the openhab’s files from the openhab repository ( When I open the project with eclipse appear many error and warning. I would like to work with CM15A but the RF doesn`t work. I think that I can use the serial port to receive the X10 commands.

Thanks for your time!!

If trying to run from within Eclipse, you may want to follow these steps.

how do you start to implement a binding? I’m very lost. I’m using windows . Is there any tutorial?

This tutorial is for opnehab 2. it’s not in beta?

thank you!!

The developers strongly discourage development of brand new bindings in OH 1. OH 1 is very near end of life. OH 2 is in beta but pretty stable. In the long run you would be better off developing to OH 2.