Problem installing add ons binding in openhab2 on windows 7

Hi I’m new to the forum, I installed openhab 2 on windows 7 32bit thin pc I downloaded a binding for btcino myhome with .jar extension copied to the folder c: / openHAB2 / addons but it doesn’t result in addons - binding when I go to ui paper, how do i install it? Can anyone help me? thank you very much.

Manually installed bindings do not appear in the Paper UI.

and how can I make them work? is there a procedure to make them appear in ui paper?

I don’t think that’s strictly the case. If that were so, if you, for example, manually installed the zwave binding, you couldn’t create the controller Thing.

V1 bindings don’t show in PaperUI but just about everywhere except perhaps the add-ons tab that the binding would normally show up it should still show up in PaperUI. Otherwise manually installed bindings would be unusable.

Where in PaperUI are you looking? Do you know whether this is a 2.x version binding or a 1.x version binding?

Manually installed does not matter The Addon will not appear, If using the Paper UI you can go to the Inbox, Search for Things and pick that binding.

I don’t understand this statement at all.

Manually installed does not matter The Addon will not appear

OK so the Addon does not appear in PaperUI

, If using the Paper UI you can go to the Inbox, Search for Things and pick that binding.

Go to the Inbox in PaperUI and pick that binding. That means it appears in PaperUI.

What am I missing?

In inbox i don’t look the binding i copyright in c:/openHAB2/addons… i have necessità for use my btcino binding.

Is this a 1.x binding or a 2.x binding? After doing a search I could not find a 2.x version binding, only a 1.x version binding. But you’ve downloaded and installed this manually so I may have missed it.

It it’s a 1.x version binding, you will not see anything about the binding in PaperUI and there is nothing you can do about it. 1.x bindings are not compatible with PaperUI. Period. You have to do everything through text configs as documented in the readme from where ever you downloaded the binding from.

is 2.5.0 version

Than read the docs from where ever you downloaded it and those should tell you how to configure and use the binding.

It appears as active when you search for Things but does not show as installed or available.

if I go to the inbox I don’t see anything of what I uploaded in the addons folder and I don’t see anything even pressing on the + … how can I do to see my binding ??

What do the docs say to do to use and configure this binding? Not all bindings show up when you press the + because there is no way to manually create Things. I know absolutely nothing of this binding. I can only find references to the 1.x version of the binding. Are you sure you’ve downloaded a 2.x version of this binding that is in development somewhere and not a part of the openHAB project over all?

Where did you get this binding from?

Is this the binding? It is a v1 binding. I expect if you enabled legacy bindings you should have not needed to download separately. It does not use Things abd you cannot configure with the Paper UI. You must configure it manually.

Err… a manually installed binding will not appear in the addons list (where you can choose other addons to be installed), but for sure it should appear in the configurations -> bindings section.

For a v1 binding?

even for some v1 bindings :wink: but I was under the impression that the binding is a manually installed v2 binding.

They did not say and I only found a v1 binding when doing a quick search.

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