Problem installing Caldav binding


I tried to install the caldav binding to integrate my goolge calendar in OH2.
The goal is that I trigger with the calendar some actions.

But unfortunately I´m not able to install the binding. In my log file ther is a line with : Failed installing ‘openhab-binding-caldav-personal1’: Permission denied.
And no config files are created.

Has someone an idea to fix this issue or is there an other way to trigger items with calendar events?


This would have been better as a new posting so I’ll move it.

Can you install any other bindings or is it just this one binding that generates the error?

I can install other bindings without problems. Ony caldav is producing the error.

What are you doing to “install” the binding?
Which bindings are you able to install?

I install with PaperUI. During the Installation of the MQTT2 Binding there was noch error. But with the MQTT1 there was this error as well. But it is working nevertheless. Maybe there is a permission problem with the service folder.

As far as I know this can’t be installed via PaperUI.
You have to follow the installation instructions.