Problem installing LEDVANCE Smart+ zigbee outdoor socket

I am trying to install a LEDVANCE Smart+ zigbee outdoor socket into my openhab.

I have reset the socket and it was recognized by openhab as unkown zigbee device.
Does that mean, these devices are not yet supported?
Can I help to support them?


I don’t know about that socket. But what “bridge” are you using to connect to zigbeedevices? (HueBridge, Deconz,…) Does the “bridge” recognize and control the socket?

I use a Bitron Video BV 2010/10 coordinator.
It detects the socket as generic USB device. I found a channel for the switch but when I link it to an item I can not control it.
The socket shows Online at some point but when I try to controll it, it then shows Offline.

I have this one which works without problems using zigbee2mqtt. I don’t see yours in the list of supported devices there, though…

Generally I wouldn’t expect any issues. Have you checked the logging to see what is happening? This should clearly be your next step (as per the binding documentation :slight_smile: ).

What version of the firmware are you running. With ZB3.0 devices, you will need firmware greater than 6.4 (if I remember correctly) otherwise the device will leave the network after it joins as it doesn’t meet the security requirements.