Problem installing openHAB 2.5 on Synology DS1513+ with DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4

Whenever I get the spk file using the manual installation button, I get this error message.
The port undefined that was configured for this package is either occupied by another
service or is reserved by the system. Please deactivate the service or change the port
settings, or contact the developer of the package to have the package configuration changed.

Can somebody help me with it ? Maybe even in German?

Best regards

Ther is a German OH forum here.
German openHAB - KNX-User-Forum

thank you

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Hi All,

Same issue here; No conflicting services hence the mention of $undefined I think. Any ideas how to tackle this issue are more than welcome.

the standard synology error thrown:
“Port undefined configured for this package is either used by another service or reserved for system use. Please disable or modify the conflicting service, or contact the developer to modify the package configuration”

DSM 6.2.2 U3
Java 8

Thanks in advance for any help…



The warning is a check for reserved ports and not actual used port by services. Syno parses config files in /usr/local/etc/services.d looking for reserved ports. If one of the config files contains port 8080 an error is thrown. If you dig trough the filles with this command:

grep -rnw ‘/usr/local/etc/services.d’ -e ‘8080’

You’ll find the culprit. Edit the file with VI to change the port, restart the service or reboot the NAS.

Unfortunately I’m not that good technically.
Can you explain that to me a little more ?

Leider nicht. Kannst Du mir evtl. weiterhelfen ?

This forum is English-only.

The German language user forum is here.
German openHAB - KNX-User-Forum

Sorry I had replied to an email and did not know that it would be posted immediately.

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Wenn mann vorher mal ein programm installiert hat das port 8080 gebraucht oder reserviert hat muss man das aus dem configuration loschen. Du kanst dass finder mit dat commando grep -rnw ‘/usr/local/etc/services.d’ -e ‘8080’. Wenn du ein config findest wo den port in configuriert ist kannst du das ändern oder löschen obwohl beim loschen das programm wo dem zu gehört wahrscheinlich nicht mehr functioniert.

Hello draadloos,
thank you for your explanation, unfortunately I do not understand.
Unfortunately I don’t know where or how I can call the commando.
Can you maybe help me by email?
Best regards

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