Problem: Items not updating on commands

I’m still running on 1.6.1 on a Raspberry Pi 2, but my problem appeared without a version change. I ‘just’ restarted openhab (I actually updated a self-made binding, but this one does work) and since that some of my item states don’t update when the item receives a command. The interesting thing is, that this happens especially with items that have no binding (mostly switches I set via the UI to change automated behavior).

any idea on that?

I have this config in place since at least 6 months and had no such problems.

For one item, I tried to create a rule that updates the state when the item receives a command - this does work but this wasn’t required some days ago, and I would at least like to understand why this is happening.

It does not make a difference if i send the command via the classic UI, habdroid or REST (curl)

could you clarify: who sends commands to whom? how do you know that the state didn’t change?

I execute a command like

curl -X POST --header "Content-Type: text/plain" -d"ON" http://localhost:8080/rest/items/TV_Light

and in the openhab log I get an entry that the item TV_Light got the command ON (it’s a switch).
when the look at the switch in my sitemap (either classic web or android) or i get the item using curl it still shows the state OFF.

the item I used in this example looks like

Switch        TV_Light      "Wohnwand Licht"        <switch>                (GF_Living) { exec="ON:/home/openhab/bin/, OFF:/home/openhab/bin/" }

but I have the same problem with items that look like

Switch Shutter_GF_Living1_Disabled               "Raffstore Couch automatik deaktiviert" (GF_Living)

actually, the problem was caused by a self made binding. sorry for bothering…

thanks for the update … no problem!