Problem setting configuration parameters for Fibaro Smart Implant (FGBS-222)

I am running openHABian v1.6.5 on a RPi 3 with an Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 and I am having problems setting some configuration parameters on a Fibaro Smart Implant FGBS-222. I have searched for posts about this device but none found concern my particular problem.

I want to set parameters 40 and 41 to allow all possible scenes to be sent. The description says “This is a BIT flag allowing all options to be set” but in the Thing’s Configuration Parameters section, the 4 options are represented by radio buttons of which only one can be pressed at a time. From my understanding, I think these should be check boxes (not radio buttons) so any number can be selected.

I am happy to contribute by attempting to fix this but I would need some pointers to where the code for generating this part of the UI is located. Alternatively, perhaps someone familiar with the code could fix it very quickly.

I am a newcomer to openHab and am enjoying learning about it and using it to control several Z-Wave devices and Hue bulbs. I wasn’t sure if this post should be in the UI section or maybe even Development so I’m sorry if it’s in the wrong place.

It does look like an issue with the UI though it might be possible to fix in the device database.

As a workaround have you tried setting the values on the code page tab?

Probably will not show on the normal UI but should send to the device as I do not think the binding will have an issue.

Thank you for suggesting that workaround. I had completely forgotten the Code Tab. Great feature! I will try it out and also file an issue (I don’t think it has been filed before). Thanks again for your help.

The workaround works fine and I have filed an issue: