Problem setting up development environment


I am setting up a development environment for openHAB with the aim of developing a new binding. I followed the tutorial How to set up a development environment for openHAB.

All is well until I get to the step where I need to run code generation using the .launch files under org.openhab.model.codegen. The tutorial asks:

Go to the project org.openhab.model.codegen and run the prepared launch files. For each .launch file, select Run As, x Generate abc Model from the context menu.

This is where I hit as snag…

In my Eclipse screen the option Run As, x Generate abc Model is not available from the context menu. I did the following to troubleshoot this:

Checked a few related web threads, found no solution.
Closed and re-started Yoxos. System reboot.
Performed target reload (Window, Preferences…, Plug-in Development, Target Platform, click Reload button).

So this is where I am stuck right now. If someone can shed some light on this issue and provide possible solutions I’d be much obliged.

I’ve documented my progress on my website in case you want to see exactly what I did to set this up, and where I might have gone wrong.


Can you share a screenshot how your context menu for the launch file looks like?


Thanks for the reply. The issue is that if I right-click org.openhab.model.codegen, 1 Generate Items Model.launch and select Run as… from the context menu, I only see Run configurations… and not x Generate abc Model.

Click here for the screenshot you asked (“new users can’t put images in posts”)

Any help please?