Problem showing images / camera in myopenhab

Hi All,

I’m using a raspberry pi 2 with openhab 1.8.3 and have registered to myopenhab.

Logging into works fine: status is online, I can use the sitemap I have defined as if it were local, so no issues there.

However: I have an IP camera which works fine when using openhab through my local network, but through I don’t get any image (don’t get any error in the log either).

Also: I have a weatherforecast which also works fine when accessed locally but no images when used through

The icons show perfectly as well as the graphs I generate using RR4DJ (both locally as through

I read something about exposing the items, but I don’t think that would be necessary in my case.

HELP would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards.

Much depends on how you address the image, maybe show us the Sitemap entry? If it refers to a local URL which is not accessible to the outside world …

Hi Rossko,

I did indeed forgeet to copy the sitemap definition (and since I am at the office right now, I’m not able to copy it in).

However: the RRD4J graphs as well as the Ip camera are referenced by a local ip address (192.x.x.x). As mentioned: the RRD4J graphs show nicely but the IP cam imaged doesn’t. Is there a difference in the way these are handled?

best regards.


The sitemap definition for this is:

	Frame {	
		Text label="Voordeur Camera" icon="door-closed"
		Webview label="Voordeur Camera" url="http://192.x.x.x:8080/static/voordeur.html" height=10

For the weather forecast:

    Webview url="" height=7

I think I found some other similar threads but none mention a solution (it seems webview related). Anyone any idea?

Did find 1 solution in the meantime.

All seems to be related to the ‘webview url’. I did change the Webview url to an ‘image url’ and… the IP camera is working. I assume the weather forecast will have the same solution. If I get it working, I will post it… if not…