Problem using REST API

I feel, I do have a similar problem like this.
I also want to use an ‘ajax’ request to openHAB and I got the same error message. But I’m using openHAB 1.7! If I understood the mentioned post correctly then openHAB2 supports CORS and one line in the file services.cfg must be edit:

But how I can do this in openHAB 1.x? I’m still very new to this whole new (but fascinating) world and I was not able to find such a similar file. Is it possible at all?

I think there was a another question in the same direction here.

Was this fixed in openHAB 1.7.1?

OK, I could try but unfortunatelly I don’t know how to get this specific version. According to your link I found out how to get the latest built (at least I think so):

But this seems to be version 1.8.0. How can I get version 1.7.1 or do you recommend using 1.8.0 anyway?

If you were able to install openHAB using the official apt-get method as described here, then upgrading to the latest stable release would be:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Usually you only need to use a more recent build than the latest stable release when there is a known problem fixed after the latest stable release, or you want to do general testing.

a good RESTful API is discoverable from the initial URI onward. This doesn’t suggest that a any application calling on on your service will automagically know what to do. It does mean however that the developer reading your API trying to integrate it has an easier life. Esp. if since hypermedia provides you the roadmap of what to do next.
Another feature for ease of integration which has to do with REST over HTTP (THE most common implementation of REST ) is the use of ubiquitous standards. Speaking HTTP which is the protocol of the web, emitting JSON or ATOMPub means it is much easier to find a library that can connect to you on any language and platform.

a bad implementation can negate all the benefits other REST goodness are things like the notion of the URI, idempotance of GET in REST over HTTP etc.