Problem using Twitter Binding - is it a bug?


I’m trying to use Twitter with oh2. I install it via Paper UI, I enable it and everything seems to work fine. I can tweet some status update, and for several hours, the binding does what it’s supposed to do :wink:

Then tweeting is not longer possible; in the logs, I get this message:

openhab.log:2016-11-25 16:39:30.579 [ERROR] [nhab.action.twitter.internal.Twitter] - Failed to send Tweet ‘<$TWEET>’ because of: 401:Authentication credentials ( were missing or incorrect. Ensure that you have set valid consumer key/secret, access token/secret, and the system clock is in sync.

The given URL is not found, my system clock is in sync (ntp), credentials are correct, but nothing else. Restarting oh2, even restarting the whole system, does not make a difference; the only possibility is to deinstall and reinstall the binding. Then it will work for a few hours (with the same twitter.token as before).

At the moment I’m using, it was the same since Build 588.

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Regards, Marianne