Problem with dashboard in

Hi there,
I’m getting an issue after updating to openHab 3.4 (from a Version 2 installation) with myopenhab-cloud:
openhab connects to the cloud service and states “Your openHAB is online.” but when I try going to dashboard I get a page saying
"Please create a password for your new account.

GitLab Enterprise Edition"

and the dashboard won’t show up.
What I tried so far:

  • reinstalled openHAB Cloud Connector
  • changed uuid and secret
  • recreated the
  • reconnected to my openhab instance

Also openHAB-App on iPhone (via remote) and Alexa skill are not working - I think as a result from the above issue.
Has anyone seen such a behaviour before and may lead me the a solution?

Thanks & Regards,

Are you running GitLab on that same host ? Is it listening on port 8080? Is openHAB also configured for 8080?

Normally gitlab should be running on port 81, but for some reason there is an interference with port 8080. When I shutdown gitlab service, I am able to connect to my openhab instance through
You led me in the right direction, thank you!