Problem with Decimal Point on Devolo Zwave radiator valve (is set to 21.5C but shows 22C


like I said, I have a strange Problem. I could not find anything regarding this. I use Paper UI to configure everything.

The Problem is that when I set my thermostat to a target temperature of 21.5 C it is set correctly on the Thermostat and in the Habpanel. But it is shown as 22 C everywhere else. This is more an optical Problem, but I want to know if there is a fix for that.

Like I said it shows the Set Point on 22 C. But really it is on 21.5 C

Here its shown correct.

The Problem is also that Alexa shows the wrong Temperature. If I set the Temperature via Alexa App on 21.5 it changes itself to 22 after a few seconds. However, the Thermostat is set to 21.5
The Item that reads the current Temperature from the other channel shows the Temperature just fine.

OpenHab runs in a Hyper-V Ubuntu Server VM with 2 Gb RAM and is up-to-date.

Maybe somebody here has the same issue ?

Thanks for your Help.
Regards JD

What’s the log file saying?
Is the item state actually changing or is it only the presentation of the number in the GUI?

What is the ‘pattern’ in your Item’s metadata?

There was nothing. I added " %.1f °C" and now its working fine. Interestingly the On the Item for the Sensor was also nothing in “Pattern” and it worked fine.

But thank you very much

The item really changed. The Problem was the “Pattern” field in the Item Metadata. Thanks for your Help anyway.

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