Problem with deleting scenes

Good morning,

I previously created an item with Alexa device type “Scene” in openHab. After deleting the item and updating the devices in Alexa, the scene still appears in the Alexa app. Also the name of the scene still seems to be “blocked” in Alexa, it reacts to it, but tells me that there is no such device in my list of devices. This is particularly annoying because I have now a group in Alexa with the same name, and cannot control it using that name.

Any idea how I can get completely rid of the scene in Alexa? It seems there is no option to delete scenes in the app. I only see it when opening the screen to assign devices to groups.

So looks like Amazon messed up the latest (December 2023) Alexa App redesign. However, you should be able to use the hack listed in the reddit post below by adding the scenes you want to delete into a group.

Fantastic, this worked. Thanks for the help!

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