Problem with Fibaro Dimmer 2 Thing - Unknown Device

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had experienced an issue with pairing/discovery of a ZWAVE Fibaro Dimmer 2 device. In terms of my setup I have the following:

  • Raspberry Pi running Openhabian
  • ZWAVE Aeotec stick attached to the Pi

I also have quite a number of fully working and paired Fibaro dimmers, switches and blind controllers being controlled by Openhab.

I recently installed an additional one and tried to pair it, both from the stick directly using a button as well as by clicking “Scan” with Openhab interface. The device has been found with both scenarios however it is listed as “Unknown Device” and does not show any channels. When discovered, it was also (initially) not showing any “zwave_neighbours”. This was fixed by clicking on “Heal the device” button in the interface. However the device type still has not been recognized and hence no channels appeared.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem - any suggestions appreciated? The device type showing in Openhab is: 010F:0102:1001:3.5

Kind Regards,

You might need to add it to the database as the number is not on the device I think this might be. Also need to check the properties to ensure it is essentially the same device before adding the number.


@apella12 Thank you so much for your help! I have requested for the device to be added to the database. Now that I have upgraded to Openhab 3.3, the device is correctly detected using the updated DB. It is a bit of a shame that the database (or even add ons) cannot be updated separately from OpenHab core, but I know there are a lot of discussions on this topic already so will not start a new one :slight_smile: