Problem with first setup

Platform information:

  • Hardware: Asus laptop 4G ram
  • OS: windows 10
  • Java Runtime Environment:8
    platform is used and what version_
  • openHAB version:2.4.0
  • Issue of the topic:
    I moving all my Zwave devices from vera lite to openHAB with stick.
    I having lots of difficulties and really wants to know what am I doing wrong…
    I bought a zwave stick called zwave.Me(uzb)
    I installed it on windows 10 and the driver.
    Installed openHAB and defined the stick successfully.
    My problems starts in the devices.
    I do not get any feedback.
    For instance:
    I defined a switch light module of fibaro. I can send commands successful to the module and it turns on and off.
    But if I manually turn the light I do not get any feedback at all.
    Another problem is with Aeon devices like door sensors and multi sensors. Non of them not returning data to the openHAB.
    The definitions of all devices went good and the bindings worked like charm but I do not understand why no feedback from my entire devices.

Thank you for your help

First , Windows is not a primary platform for OpenHAB. I think we should focus on one device to figure out what is happening. I know the 2.4 binding is getting quite old but the 2.5 OH version is still stabilizing. Look at the “When things do not go as planned” section here and capture some log information.

There is a zwave log viewer here that may help.

Hi @Bruce_Osborne
Thank you for your answer.
Where is the section “when things do not go as planned”?
I looked at the logs in debug and there is no new logs printed when feedback should arrived.

I am still reasonably new myself. I would try deleting one Thing & rediscovering it, capturing the logs. There may be hints in there as to what is happening.

A lot of folks run on Wiindows

Welcome to the openhab community!
If the devices are battery powered, they will need woken up multiple times

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Zwave devices need an “association” set, so as to know where to report ad-hoc changes.

So, if we have the device details we can verify the database entry. I am cleaning up a LOT and many times there are association group errors.