Problem with GPIO One Wire Binding Sensor DS18B20

Hello everyone

I have a problem with my sensors.
I use a raspberry pi 4 4gb model and Temperatur sensors DS18B20, InfluxDB and Grafana for visualisation.
All is up to date
My Sensor show +1,30°C and the correct Temperatur is 0,0°C by many other sensors.
My questions is, can i change the calibration/offset.
I don’t find my question in the web.
Can i change this in grafana or must bi in openhab?
I hope you can help me.

Do it in openhab then you do not need to take care afterwards and you do not need to pick up a single sensor out of many in grafana.
In OH you can use an offest profile see OH3 Offset Profile Help and the linked thread.

Thanks, this is what i needed :slight_smile:

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