Problem with HabDroid and VPN tunnel

Didn’t know whether to post this question here or in the openHAB2 forum.

I’m getting into trouble when running OH2 and then trying to access it with HabDroid through a VPN tunnel.
There must be something going on with the auto-discovery (or however it works with finding out what sitemaps there are).

Everything worked with OH1 and I haven’t changed anything in the router settings.

Everything works just fine if I disconnect from the router and directly create a VPN tunnel into my home network. I have to do a “Select default sitemap” but my default sitemap is there and everything works when I select it. Exactly the same behavior as with OH1. However, if I wait for an hour or two and then try to connect then my sitemap can’t be found. The Demo mode sitemap pops up instead.

No problem accessing the SAMBA share or SSH into the unit through the tunnel.

Any possibility to directly provide an sitemap with the URL setting?

Any other suggestions?

I can add that accessing openhab through the VPN tunnel works with Classic UI in a browser.

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Just set the remote url same as the local one in HabDroid (HabDroid use the remote url when not connected to any wifi connection)