Problem with Harmony Button Mappings

Am trying to set up a status and a mapped button to swap activities, but the Sitemap just shows a normal two pole switch in a browser but works fine on the app. Any tips?

String HarmonyBedroomActivity “Current Activity [%s]” channel=“harmonyhub:hub:Bedroom:currentActivity”}

Switch item=HarmonyBedRoomActivity label= “Change Activity/Off” icon="screen"mappings=[PowerOff=“Off”, TV=“TV”, “Watch Apple TV”=“Apple TV”]

space needed in there maybe?

Hard to tell without code fences.

How to use code fences - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

Thanks All. It was a capitalisation error on the R.
But whilst you gurus are at it - is there a way to stop Harmony Hub buttons sticking? Not sure if there is anything I’m missing or if I need a rule so I can repeat-press the volume button (for example)

String HarmonyBedroomButton { channel=“harmonyhub:hub:Bedroom:buttonPress” }


Switch item=HarmonyBedroomButton label="<>" icon=“screen” mappings=[DirectionUp=‘Up’, DirectionDown=‘Down’, DirectionLeft=’<’, DirectionRight=’>’, Select=‘OK’]

Switch item=HarmonyBedroomButton label="" icon="screen"mappings=["Volume Up"='Volume Up',"Volume Down"='Volume Down']

Switch item=HarmonyBedroomButton label="" icon=“screen” mappings=[Exit=‘Exit’,Back=‘Back’, Play=‘Play’, Pause=‘Pause’]

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So there were complaints in your openhab.log about Item not found, always worth looking there. :wink:

Not sure what you mean about “sticking”. Perhaps if you set your Item autoupdate false, so that UI pokes just cause fleeting command events that do not get captured in Item state?

Thanks for the pointer!

Trying it out.

Hi Rossko - all working well thanks!