Problem with Homekit

I can’t get the Homekit to work in my OH 3.1 configuration.
After the 1st setup I was able to add the OpenHab Bridge in HomeKit but after a few hours no device was accessible.
I then deleted all the rooms in Homekit again but now I can’t add the bridge.
It comes the message:
“Device can not be added
Device is not compatible”
(Gerät kann nicht hinzugefügt werden
Gerät ist nicht kompatibel)
After that there is only an OK button.
I restarted the iPhone and the complete OpenHab instance.
Have turned off the privt. Wlan address on the Iphone ,
tried it with and without mDNS service setting.
It does not work anymore.

Does anyone have any idea about this?

Hello Matthias,

few things to try:

  1. execute
    openhab:homekit clearPairings
    in karaf console to remove pairing from OpenHAB
  2. make sure you have no item tag as colorTemperature. this was not working in some version-

The ColorTemparture was the point.
Thank you