Problem with icons

I have installed a personal collection of icons in OH 2 following the instructions of:

They are in:

They work for me when I define them in items:

Number Temperatura "Temperatura en sala [%.1f °C]"   <temperatura> (gtemperatura,gsensores) {souliss="T52:0:2"}

However, when I use them in the sitemap, they are not displayed:

	Frame label="Interiores" {
       	Text item=Temperatura icon="temperatura"
       	Text item=Humedad icon="temperatura"

Any idea, please?
Thanks so much and sorry for my English!!!


what do you mean they work in the items file?

AFAIK, the icons are rendered in sitemaps, so yes if there is a problem only the sitemaps’ rendering can not work.
One of the possible causes can be wrong dpi for the icon chosen, or the setting in PAPER UI for the rendering of the icons (PNG or SVG)


Hi George
Right, I had not seen the option “Icon format” in “Configure Basic UI” :frowning:
Sorry and thank you very much for your help.