Problem with KNX dry contact switch

dear all,

I am a newby in KNX while I have some experience in OH2 and I am trying to understand I can get a command from a switch (dry contact). I have the following configuration:

  • Siemens Power supply unit
  • Siemens IP interfaces 148-1AB22
  • Siemens push button interface 220-2_B31

These are the pictures of my setup which works fine (I think) as I can see the telegrams on ETS5.

My configuration for the IP gateway is as follows (and I can see it online)

Now my question is how to configure the switch as I have not been able to see it online and, least of all, being able to capture the event.

No matter what I put in the address field (e.g. 1.1.7 or 15.15.225), I always receive in the log the following error:

2019-09-17 17:54:24.248 [WARN ] [ ] - negative confirmation of 15.15.225: 2e00b160ffffffe10080

I addition I have tried to configure the things configuration as follows:

Bridge knx:ip:bridge [  
] {
    Thing device KNXBus [
    ] {
      Type switch:myswitchs  "My thing"  [ga="1.001:2/4/0+<2/4/1"]



Switch MySwitch "This is my thing" {channel="knx:device:44aacde2:KNXBus:myswitchs", autoupdate="true"}

I know this may be a trivial question to someone but as I have no experience with knx I really appreciate any comment that may help me move forward.

Thank you in advance for any support!!


The address is 1.1.7, but as long as you have no group addresses defined in ETS you won’t be able to switch something.