Problem with manual config on RFXCOM binding

I am using the RFXCOM binding in tcp mode. Unfortunately, I can only make it work like this:
Things file:

Bridge rfxcom:tcpbridge:rfy [ host=“”, port=1001 ]

Items file:

Rollershutter RullegardinAlle “Rullegardiner” {channel=“rfxcom:ThRullegardinAlle:rfy:284006_0:shutter”}

and then I create the thing and link the item manually using paperUI. I am selecting a RFXCOM Rfy Actuator. That works fine.

However, I would like to have everything defined using files only, because I have many things. I would assume that this would work:
Things file:

Bridge rfxcom:tcpbridge:rfy [ host=“”, port=1001 ] {
Thing ThRullegardinAlle 284006_0 [deviceId=“284006.0”, subType=“RFY”]

Items file:

Rollershutter RullegardinAlle “Rullegardiner” {channel=“rfxcom:ThRullegardinAlle:rfy:284006_0:shutter”}

But the thing never shows in paperUI. I have tried various combinations, but I am simply not able to have it appear in paperUI directly from the files. There is no errors in openhab.log file.
I am running openhab version 2.5.3

Previously, I used usb variant of the binding. By using that I had the same problem being unable to create Things from file.

Mayby @pauli_anttila or @rossko57 can see, what I have missed or if there is a problem in the binding.


@EjvindHald, your syntax is slightly wrong.

First of all, you rfxcom bridge should probably be renamed differently than rfy (it’s the bridge name and nothing to do with rfy devices itself). Example below, I have used name rfxcom1, but you can select what ever suite better for you.

Anyhow, real problem seems to be rfy thing naming. You haven’t defined correct thingTypeId, which should be rfy followed by the thing name. ThingTypeId should be exactly what is defined by the binding (rfy) and name ones again can be freely selected (ThRullegardinAlle).

Bridge rfxcom:tcpbridge:rfxcom1 [ host=“”, port=1001 ] {
  Thing rfy ThRullegardinAlle [deviceId=“284006.0”, subType=“RFY”]

Rollershutter RullegardinAlle “Rullegardiner” { channel=“rfxcom:rfy:rfxcom1:ThRullegardinAlle:shutter” }

See more about syntax from Defining Things and especially Defining Bridges Using Files chapter.

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Thank you very much @pauli_anttila. I made the changes you suggested, and it is working correctly now.