Problem with network binding

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I am new to openhab, just install it in raspberry pi and walk through the tutorial.
I add the network binding to the inbox and start the automatic discovery of all (reachable) network devices in the same subnet, I have several devices on the network but nothing discovered.
At this point I wonder if is it a problem that I should be fixed as I don’t want to move on with the tutorial before understand it. Can anyone suggest why I can’t see them and how to fix it?

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Please provide more info like what network devices your trying to use.

What’s in the log viewer? It should be accessible from the openhab main page (where you select paper UI, basic UI, …). Since the binding is pinging the entire network, you could also check trafic using a network diagnostics tool such as Wireshark.

I am just trying to see my home network devices like desktop, laptop and mobiles as in the tutorial example.

Where I can see the log? I am access the raspberry through ip_address::8080

If you installed using openHABian (the recommended installation for an RPi) then when you go to ipaddress:8080, LogViewer will be one of the options on the dashboard.

If not, you need to ssh to the RPi and look at /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log.

@Yehuda can you ping the other devices from the Pi cli or can your other devices ping the Pi?

Yes, I can ping to the other devices from the pi cli and they can ping back

I check the logviewer, nothing mention there

try to add a device manually and try if this is monitored correctly. whic hmeans on and off of the device is represented in the status.

I add device manually but it always show online (even I shut down the device).
looks like not real conntected

please stop and start the binding after every config change. The binding does not detect this. I looks like this is a bug.

on the console:
bundle:list ==> find network binding number
bundle:stop xxx (bundle number of the network binding)
bundle:start xxx (bundle number of the network binding)

Please post the network binding config related informations from:

Things and Channels can be configured without restarting the binding. Only the binding configurations (timeouts, arp path etc) are read only once.

The binding is very conservative. A device is Offline by default. A ping is performed every minute by default, so the state will not update in real time. If the binding shows Online, there is a device though. Make a screenshot of the Thing configuration for further help.

I had the same, reload of bundle fixes this because the latest config is not loaded, as David_Graeff mentioned.

Best is to start from default values again and see what happens. Then change on value - reload - and see if it works better.

my working config on windows:

Off topic query - does that stop those annoying “arping” error messages at startup in openhab.log, on Windows?

You can just leave that setting empty and the binding should not use arp ping. If it still produces a message, please open a Github Issue and I’ll resolve it as time permits :slight_smile:

I add device manually but it always show online (even I shut down the device).
looks like not real conntected

Are all the devices in the same subnet?

re - windows arping - Thankyou, I’ve recently rebuilt with OH2.4 so I will doublecheck settings and any remaining messages. :slight_smile:

yes, it comes only one time if the binding is started.

@David_Graeff To end my tale
results in no errors in openhab.log in OH2.4 on Win7
Thanks each.