Problem with Onkyo binding

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I have problem with Onkyo binding: looks like it was designed with assumption of max 10 items in Net menu. In my 686 model there is 12, what causes effect visible below (looks like filling array loops after 10 items):

avr_bedroom_Item0 changed from - to TuneIn             
avr_bedroom_Item1 changed from - to Spotify            
avr_bedroom_Item2 changed from - to Deezer             
avr_bedroom_Item3 changed from - to Tidal              
avr_bedroom_Item4 changed from - to AmazonMusic        
avr_bedroom_Item5 changed from - to FlareConnect       
avr_bedroom_Item6 changed from - to Chromecast built-in
avr_bedroom_Item7 changed from - to DTS Play-Fi        
avr_bedroom_Item8 changed from - to AirPlay            
avr_bedroom_Item9 changed from - to Music Server       
avr_bedroom_Item0 changed from TuneIn to USB           
avr_bedroom_Item1 changed from Spotify to Play Queue

The problem is, that I’m unable to determine if issuing Select0 command, I’m selecting TuneIn or USB source. Probably it can be solved within binding code, allowing to have more than 10 items (really we need Item0-9 channels?), cause EISCP protocol allows to have longer list. Unfortunately I’m not a Java dev, so I won’t even try to solve it (I can fix the code, but learning how to set up build and test env is out of my free time limits).

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