Problem with openhab 2 in windows

can you help me i dont understand what i do wrong

Verify all setup steps in the installation docs:

Please use start.bat instead of ( is for GNU/Linux while start.bat is for Windows machines)

Ok where I can find this file and how I open this ?

i tried start.bat but stil its didnt working.

Did you add the JAVA_HOME environment variable?

i install java oracle .
whats Java home ?
what do i need to do ?
thank U for help.

You need to read the content of that link :sunglasses:

First, be sure to check that your system has the necessary prerequisites.

Add the JAVA_HOME System Environment Variable in Windows. Navigate to:

Control Panel :arrow_right:️ System and Security :arrow_right:️ System :arrow_right:️ Advanced System Settings :arrow_right:️ Environment Variables :arrow_right:️ System Variables
Create a New System Variable based on your Java installation directory:

Where the is Environment Variable in Windows?

I am not sure if it helps. But my experience was that you need to install the JDK (developer download) for OH2 to work. The normal runtime won’t start in a windows environment.

i install java home but its stil not working

mybe someone can share the exactally jdk that i need to install ?
i think JDK is not fit for my windows.
thanks for the help.

openHAB is not yet compatible with Java 9. You need to install Java 8.