Problem with second Xiaomi Gateway and mihome binding


I am using openHAB 3 and the mihome binding. As I have too many devices, I had to go for a second gateway. Now I am using two Xiaomi Gateway v2. Everything seems to work great, as all devices are online. On the second gateway I only had four smoke detectors (which I am not using, yet) and an Aqara Temperature/Humidity/Pressure Sensor (also not in use, yet). Yesterday I installed a new Aqara Motion Sensor, also on the second gateway.

What I am noticing now is that for this Motion Sensor sometimes status changes (like Motion ON) is received by openHAB, sometimes (most of the times) not. I am using the Motion Sensor for turning on the light when someone walks down the stairway into the cellar. So it is pretty obvious, also for my wife :wink: , that something is not ok. First I thought it is the rule, but no, the state of the item simply does not change as no new information is received. When I check the Motion Sensor in the Mi Home app on my phone I see everything. So motion and also lux is detected by the sensor and also sent to the gateway.

Any idea what the problem here might be? It might be something else, must not be the second gateway. I am digging in the dark here.

I also created items for the unused Aqara Temperature/Humidity/Pressure Sensor to see if I receive data here. For the smoke detectors I am not receiving a lot of data, so this is not a good test for my problem here.


Ok, some more information: After restarting openHAB it looks like it is always working. And after some time (several hours) it stops sending to / receiving in openHAB. After my initial post I restarted openHAB. Now after 4 hours it is still working. This also matches my memory of the last one and a half day or so. Will keep watching this.