Problem with smartthings binding

  • Platform information:Raspberry pi 4
    • Hardware: CPUArchitecture/RAM/storage??
    • OS: _what OS is used and which version_openhabian

This is my first try with openhab…
Im trying smarthings bindingfrom below link

i got stuck on below as the link in instruction does not work and i cannot find any info

Copying Smartthings files

Broken link:

can anyone help?

Also the first link does not work.
Are you looking for this ?

yes ive seen it but this is config for oh and i need smartthings side

Open a github issue for the broken link.

author is @BobRak perhaps he can help

The correct link is:

I think this broken link is currently occuring because the binding has not been converted to OH 3 yet.

@Fox1 Let me know how it goes from here. I’ll be the first to admit this is a very complicated installation because you have to deploy files to the Smartthings hub.


Hi and thanks for the link.

Now im stuck as my hub is not showing if i log in thru the provided link

But its definitely there if i use my usual link?

Any idea?

@Fox1 Smartthings hosts their could on different servers, called shards. I’ve always been able to just use but I don’t think that works for everyone. Here is an article that explains about it.