Problem with switch mappings


i’ve got a Problem with switch mappings:

Frame label="Graphs"{
					Switch item=Temperature_Chart_Period label="Temperatur Wohnzimmer" mappings=[1="4 Hour", 2="3 Day", 3="2 Week"]
					Chart item=TEMP_WOHNZIMMER period=4h refresh=300 visibility=[Temperature_Chart_Period==1, Temperature_Chart_Period=="Uninitialized"]
					Chart item=TEMP_WOHNZIMMER period=3D refresh=1800 visibility=[Temperature_Chart_Period==2]
					Chart item=TEMP_WOHNZIMMER period=2W refresh=3600 visibility=[Temperature_Chart_Period==3]

This leads to a normal on off switch, but i want to select one of the 3 ones.
All 3 charts are displayed.
The Switch has no function.


I had the same problem, you need to create an item for it, here is how mine looks.

What should I say, it works :smiley:
Thank you very much :smile: