Problem with UDP binding always trying to update items

I’m using the UDP binding to send UDP packets to a device that sends an IR code. The binary packets are sent correctly and the device sends back a binary UDP packet that I do not need.
I’m using OpenHAB 1.8.3

Unfortunately, even though I set in openhab.cfg


The binding always updates the item with the return packet.

This is annoying because I would need to keep the state of item with the given command, for the sitemap to work correctly.

The item is the following

String AC_Zona_Notte “Zona Notte” <air_conditioner> (Appliance) {udp=">[‘JS(blackbean1.js)’]"}

The javascript transform is

switch(command) {
case “OFF”:
case “DRY”:
return output;

The sitemap entry is

Switch item=AC_Zona_Notte icon=“air_conditioner” mappings=[‘OFF’=‘OFF’,‘DRY’=‘DRY’]

When I push the Off or Dry button, the become red for a very short time and then they go back to the blue state. Their state is always updated to the string “Reply”.

Have I done something wrong or is this a bug of the binding?

I’ve tried to look at the java sources and I’ve seen that the
seems to be coded correctly.
While trying to debug, I noticed that in the openhab log file there’s a spelling error (it is written “vaulue” instead of “value”))
2016-07-02 13:40:32.269 [INFO ] [t.protocol.internal.UDPBinding] - Updating states with returned values will be set to the default vaulue of true

but in the source code such a spelling error is not there“Updating states with returned values will be set to the default value of {}”,

It seems that the addon of the distribution of openhab 1.8.3 is not taken from the sources that are available at

Thanks for your advice