Problem with z-wave devices

I noticed a strange behavior by my openhab since i upgraded to 2.5 stable. I have a system with an Aeotec z-wave stick gen5 and 41 nodes(1 Danalock v3(z-wave), 26 Fibaro double switch 2 and 14 Qubino relay shutters). In the last time after 1-2 day normal working, one of the Qubino relay shutters go offline. In the time where the node is offline, the whole system react very very slow. Sometime even 3 min between i push a switch in the openhab app and between the node reacting.
If this happening, nothing else helps, i need to remove the item from the controller and add it again. After this it works again till next day or 2 days and the same thing happends with an another item.

Any idea what can be the reason?
If u have any question or i dont wrote something important, pls tell me.

Thank you for the help.

I’m sure debug logs from the zwave binding will be required to diagnose the problem further. But there is a know problem for some people caused by the nightly heal. Try disabling that in the Zwave Controller Thing and see if your system remains more stable. There is a fix on the way I believe.

That device to go offline is a highly frequented router to your other devices.
Search the forum for “heal”, and have a look at the Solution category to have a number of recent posts to explain the background on ZWave routing.
Rich is right to point you at the nightly heal, disable that. But

Just for one issue out of a couple of so don’t expect ‘magic healing’.

Normally should not be, because the 3 different nodes which went offline(and never come back till i readded to the network) was the 3 nodes which are the most far from the controller, so there should not be any routed communication trough

zwave does not know about “distance” so it’s quite possible they were in some node’s routing table.

So i found out that trough the night, even if i disable the night heal, one of the items fail to communicate.

What i found out, if i pull the z-wave stick from the server and restick, the communication works after.

Where can be the Problem, in the Stick or in my server or in openhab part. I would send the stick back if there.

And now the next strange behavior.
Resetted the controller again, and i pired all blinds again with the z-wave stick.
i have node 14 for blind A and node 16 for blind B.
If i send the down command to 16, then blind B goes down.
But if i send down command to 14, both A and B goes down…

What happening here, the whole thing make no sense

Pls help

To enable debug logging, log on to the console and enter the following command -:

log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.zwave

There are three or four people with similar issues and all have this stick in common.

It runs a very old firmware. Many people use it with no issues but possibly there is a way to get it in a strange state.

It seams unlikely it is the binding that causes this sort of issue. It would have to send an exclude and
you would see that in the logs.

Zwave and the tables of devices are all in the controller so if the devices are going it is either the device doing a remote remove or the controller doing something it should not.

This may not show in the logs as it may never be reported to back to the binding.

A zniffer may show you the traffic but if there is no remote remove from the device and no report to the logs it only leaves a fault in the controller and unless you solder some wires there is no debug.

That is a sign it would be worth getting a zniffer to see where that delay is